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When is the Holy Spirit first mentioned in the Bible?

Very good question Actually the Holy Spirit is referred to in the very first verse of the Bible and even more specifically in the 2nd verse of Genesis 1.

I have included the passage in both English and Hebrew for you to see.

Genesis 1:1-2 In the beginning [re'shiyth] God ['elohiym] created [bara'] ['eth] the heaven [shamayim] and ['eth] the earth ['erets]. And the earth ['erets] was [hayah] without form [tohuw], and void [bohuw]; and darkness [choshek] was upon the face [paniym] of the deep [tehowm]. And the Spirit [ruwach] of God ['elohiym] moved [rachaph] upon [`al] the face [paniym] of the waters [mayim].

In verse 1 the Hebrew word [elohiym] is actually plural for God and referring to the fact the Father, Son and Holy Ghost were all present at the beginning of all things.

In verse 2, [ruwach] literally means the breath or wind of God referring specifically to the Holy Spirit.

Good question!
Pastor Brad

3/17/2006 3:20:53 PM
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