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The Holy Spirit : Who is He? Why do I need to know Him?

Need more credits for the Spiritual Gifts Inventory
Biblical Personality System?

You can obtain more credits for reports one of two ways:
  1. For ministries operating overseas, or if it would be difficult for you to purchase for any reason, send a donation of any size to:
    Pastor Brad Smith
    Boardman, OH 44512
    If a donation of any size is received, an account will be initiated with enough credits for 10 Spiritual Gifts reports.  Please include your name, email address, telephone and a physical address with your donation.


  2. You may purchase credits by logging directly into your account and choosing "Purchase Credits" from the left navigation bar. 
    Spiritual Gifts Reports are 10 credits = $10.00
    Personality Style Reports are 16 credits = $16.00

    Click here to go to the login screen to login and purchase


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